Induction event for new course leaders

– Are you new to course leadership?
– Have you been undertaking the role of course leader within the last 12 months?
– Are you about to start the course leader role this coming academic year?
– Are you interested in becoming a course leader and want to see if the role is right for you?

We are hosting induction events on 19th June and 23rd July which apply to all UG/PG/Collaborative and HDA course leaders!

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your role outline, meet other course leaders and to meet colleagues from around the university that feed into your role and inform, shape and support you and your course teams.

Visit the Course Leader Essentials resource – events for more details of how to book.

We encourage you to subscribe (bottom right-hand side of the homepage) to the Course Leader Essentials resource so that you are kept up to date with event/programme changes and information.

If you have any queries about the event or any information held on Course Leader Essentials, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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