#thinkingintegration – Twitter chat

Working to provide integrated services can be hard. Wrapping services around the person means that as health and social care practitioners we have to think differently, work more closely with a range of professionals, reach across organisations, or create new relationships. Our upcoming #thinkingintegration Twitter chat will examine . . .

• How do we develop ourselves when working with others to provide services wrapped around the person?

• How do we help ourselves to be confident to think differently, when perhaps it’s easier to do the same as everyone else?

• How and when do we decide to take a positive risk?  What do we need to help to be in a position to do this?

Our @SHU_HWB Twitter account will be hosting the chat between 7pm – 8pm on Monday 8th April. You can join in with the debate – and hopefully discover a few solutions – by using the hashtag #thinkingintegration with any comments you have.



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