Keeping our buildings smoke-free

A message from Peter Roddis, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager

Keeping our buildings smoke-free

As you may be aware, the University has a duty to protect non-smokers from the risk of passive smoking.  To help to achieve this, the University’s No Smoking Policy (link) states that:

Smoking is prohibited immediately outside buildings and by entrances to buildings where smoke can be drawn into buildings (e.g. through doors, windows, air conditioning, etc.).

Over the coming weeks, the signage outside buildings will be reviewed, and where necessary improved, to deter people from smoking in these locations.  You too can play a part in protecting people:

• If you are a smoker, please try to think about where you smoke and the likelihood of the smoke entering a building.
• If you see a member of staff, a student or a visitor smoking in a location where smoke could be drawn into a University building, please politely inform them that they shouldn’t do so.

Non-smokers have a right to not be exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke.

The health and wellbeing of our staff and students is extremely important to us.

Peter Roddis
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager


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