Essential construction works to the Robert Winston Building

Nathan Bakewell, Project Manager in Estates

The Estates department will be undertaking essential construction works to the Robert Winston Building from October 2018 – April 2019. Works will commence from 11th October.

The works include the installation of a new plantroom and gas supply, to independently supply the Robert Winston Building. The current heating supply is fed from the adjacent Woodville buildings. Through undertaking these works, we will be able to;

  • address long term maintenance issues ensuring the heating system is fully functional when required
  • operate the RWB heating on its own independent system
  • modernise the heating system to reduce life cycle costs
  • provide increased efficiency which will have a positive effect on our goals towards a sustainable University

The new plantroom will be located in the rear under croft area. During the period of construction, parking in this area will temporarily restricted due to the works. The two accessible spaces will be maintained during the duration of the works, and can be accessed via Victoria Road. Upon completion, parking will be re-instated to this area. The secure cycle parking will remain in operation for the first two weeks, and then alternative temporary cycle parking will be provided for the remainder of the works duration. Access through the site, down the slip road, from Broomhall Road to Victoria Road will be restricted to essential deliveries and services.

Staff and students will notice some disruption during this period. Any disruption will be carefully co-ordinated to minimise any impact on the building. However our contractors are fully aware that they will be operating within a busy environment, and will be accommodating to staff and student needs should any particular issues arise. The Contractors undertaking the works are NRC Services.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while this work is taking place, we will aim to keep disruption to a minimum.

We will provide regular updates, in the meantime if you have any worries or concerns please direct them to the building facilities team or directly to Nathan Bakewell, SHU Project Manger – 07500 227 892.


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