Hallam Academics appointed to Chief Medical Officers Physical Activity Expert Working Groups

Dr David Broom (Academy of Sport and Physical Activity) and Professor Rob Copeland (National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine) have been appointed to the Chief Medical Officers (CMO) expert working groups to update the UK’s Physical Activity Guidelines. This is a big achievement for them and SHU due to influencing government policy.

The guidelines are currently 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity per week or a combination of the two. People should also undertake physical activity to improve muscle strength on at least two days a week. David has been appointed to the group updating the Adult guidelines with Rob appointed to the Older adult group.

They will be reviewing the latest scientific evidence including systematic reviews / meta-analysis, and national reviews of physical activity epidemiology to assess if there is any evidence to make recommendations for change. They will also review existing UK and international approaches to the implementation of national physical activity guidelines and make recommendations to improve the guidelines implementation.

David comments: ‘I was invited to the previous guidelines consensus meeting as an early career researcher in 2009 and learnt a great deal from Professor Will Haskell who led the development of the USA physical activity guidelines. I’m looking forward to leading debates on the benefits of High Intensity Training commonly known as HIT and whether the weekend warrior profile i.e. people who do all of their activity at the weekend is beneficial’.

The work will culminate in a scientific consensus meeting to present a final technical report and help clarify challenging issues from scientists and stakeholders. It is anticipated that the guidelines will be launched to coincide with the International Society of Physical Activity and Health Congress which is being held in London in October 2018.

Rob comments: ‘It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to input into the review of the CMO physical activity guidelines and it is welcome recognition for the work of colleagues within CSES and the NCSEM over the past few years. SHU has a vision to be the world’s leading applied University and therefore projects that put SHU at the forefront of impact are really important in achieving this vision. I look forward to the process and to learning from colleagues across the UK’.


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