Students who saved man’s life in Sheffield call for more defibrillators to be installed

A group of students are calling for more defibrillators to be installed in Sheffield after they saved the life of a man who had collapsed in the street.

Sheffield Hallam University students Cara Brown, Millie Pennington, Yasmin Gill, all aged 18, Alex Bailey, Jessica Lock, both 20, came to the aid of a man who was unconscious in Boston Street, Highfield.


Several of them carried out CPR on the man, while another went in search of a defibrillator, which can restart hearts, but nowhere around had one.

 Cara, who is studying physiotherapy, said she and her friends were in a taxi on the way into town at around 10pm on Tuesday, September 19 when the noticed a crowd forming around a man lying in the street.

She said: “After seeing this we all jumped out the taxi to go and see what was going on. Me and my friends checked his air ways, his pulse and his response but no luck. We started CPR immediately and took turns with chest compressions. My other friend who wasn’t confident with CPR went to find a defibrillator but no where had one.”

We rang an ambulance and continued chest compressions until the emergency services arrived, they then took over and also had a defibrillator. We then gave information to the police and were told to go back home but we were all too traumatised and decided to go for a walk. Later on in the night we came across the police again and were told the fantastic news that the man was alive. Cara Brown, Physiotherapy student

Cara, who lives in The Forge student accommodation, in Highfield, called for more defibrillators to be installed in the area.

“I think we need more defibrillators around the Forge area so that if this happened again the individual would have a higher chance of survival,” she said.

Cara also urged other people to learn basic first aid skills. She had taken part in basic life-support training a week before as part of her course.

She added: “Hopefully this will highlight how important CPR skills are and also to make people more aware of these incidents and how they can help out.”

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