Graduate Attributes


What are Graduate Attributes and how do they contribute to Highly Skilled Employment?

Students measure their personal development using the Hallam Graduate Attributes. There are 12 Attributes in total and Sheffield Hallam is committed to supporting its students to develop characteristics which define its values.

By embedding the Hallam Graduate Attributes at every level in every course, we are committed to supporting our students in developing characteristics that will define not just institutional values but values for work and life.

An attribute is a particular feature or quality that can be seen in an individual. A Graduate Attribute is one that we know employers’ value. Hallam has created a unique 3+3 model and award system to get our students to reflect within and beyond their course. We want to prepare our students for their next steps into Highly Skilled Employment and whatever they choose to do in life.

3+3 Graduate Attribute Model

The Graduate Attributes are divided into 3 core attributes chosen at University level which supports our values.

·         Confidence

·         Creativity

·         Resilience

An additional +3 Graduate Attributes will be chosen by the Course team that supports the development of you and your course values. These are chosen from a list of 9 elective attributes the University and employers feel are important in your course development and your students’ learning.

·         Adaptability

·         Credibility

·         Enterprising

·         Emotional Intelligence

·         Curiosity

·         Driven (to succeed)

·         Globally Minded

·         Integrity

·         Responsibility

The Hallam Award

We also reward students for any extra-curricular activity they may have been involved in during your time at Hallam. Students can use the Graduate Attributes to gain further awards through The Hallam Award. The Hallam Award enables students to develop their Graduate Attributes through extra-curricular activities that will lead to greater commitment and, or leadership.

The Graduate Attributes acknowledge and link learning and development opportunities in and outside of the curriculum. Both the Graduate Attributes and The Hallam Award enable students to position themselves better within their course and help students think about what they might otherwise be developing and take for granted.

The Hallam Graduate Attributes support and enhance awareness of core skills, capability and assist students in gaining highly skilled employment.

This is at the core of what an education at Sheffield Hallam provides.


What do I need to do or understand?

Graduate Attribute – Descriptors and behaviours

To support your 3+3 course model and understanding of the Graduate Attributes at large, a comprehensive list of the Hallam Graduate Attributes descriptors and behaviours can be accessed through the resources page

Graduate Attribute – LinkedIn Playlist

Through LinkedIn Learning we have curated a set of playlists, defined by our staff and students, to help articulate and support all 12 of the Hallam Graduate Attributes.
Familiarise yourself and socialise the playlist with your students as this was designed to support you and your students in creating a deeper and more critical discourse in developing and delivering your 3+3 model; to help support defining your position/voice within your college and the University at large.
The Graduate Attribute LinkedIn Learning Playlist can be accessed through the resources page – Coming soon 

Digital Dashboard*

As part of the course review in January 2019, we have taken this data and created a digital dashboard which allows you and course teams to discuss your chosen 3+3 model, how you are using this and allows you to look at other courses in your Dept, College and University are applying theirs.
Familiarise yourself with the Digital Dashboard as this was created to support you in creating a deeper conversation with colleagues in developing and measuring the impact of your 3+3 model and your position within your college and the University at large.
The HSE Data Dashboard can also be accessed through the resources page.
* The data will remain static, originally sourced from the course review (Feb 2019). Course review data for additional HSE pathways is still in development through September 2019