Meet the Insiders

We’re the #HallamInsiders – a team of students who blog about life in Sheffield and on campus. We’ll be posting on these pages regularly, so check back here for the latest updates. You can also follow our social media accounts where we’ll share our hints, tips and experiences of life as Hallam students. Just search #HallamInsiders on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find us.

Laura Dowson

Hi, I’m Laura and I am currently in the second year of my illustration degree. As well as drawing and creating I absolutely love animals and the outdoors so you’ll often see me out and about in Sheffield! I am a vegetarian foodie, a clothes hoarder and I love to travel to places near and far. I’m always up for a chat! @Laura_Dowson @ldillustrates @laura_dowson

Adam Westwood

My name is Adam Westwood and I’m a first year Journalism student. When I’m not running the Steel Student Media society, I’m watching wrestling shows and cooking! @Westw0od

Chandni Soren

Hey, my name is Chandni and I am a third year interior design student.  In my spare time I salsa dance and do a martial art called Jiu Jitsu. I love being outdoors and exploring new places, as well as keeping fit and eating a lot! I try to immerse myself as much as I can into the university experience, I love trying new things and can’t wait to see what adventures are to come this year. @chandni_soren

Jess Brown

Hi I’m Jess, I’m a Graphic Design and Illustration student originally from Chesterfield. I have a passion for writing and music, and I love to explore new places and cultures, and as well as taking part in charity work. My favourite places in Sheffield are the parks, and I often go there with friends to draw or paint! @jessmeupfam

Daniela Baicoianu

Hello everyone! I’m Daniela, born and raised in Romania, based in Sheffield. I’m currently in my second year as a Public Relations international student. I gain my energy from travelling, practicing yoga and working with young people! If you’re interested in foodie & wine delights, concerts and green destinations, find me on Twitter @DaniiAlina and Instagram @danielabaicoianu

Alex Cutts

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a final year journalism student, from Sheffield. When I’m not getting stuck into my uni work you can typically find me in a quirky, Instagram-worthy coffee shop, at a gig or exploring the city through food! I love travelling, learning new things and taking on every opportunity uni throws at me. Find me on Instagram @alexcutts or Twitter @alxctts

Joel Arthur

My name’s Joel and I like to keep myself busy. I came up from Leicester but since being here, I’ve moved friends from all over. As a 2nd year, going on to my 3rd, I study Games Design. Whilst I love digital art, sitting in front of the screen all the time isn’t the healthiest thing for inspiration. I love to explore the outdoors, taking my sketch pad with me and drawing when I can. When the evening comes, it’s a different story, you can often find me playing gigs with my band. If you ever need any help, with art in particular, drop me a message at or instagram @dragoelxart or @dragoelx_music

Max Blackburn

My name is Max and I’m in my first year of studying business and management. Other than studying I love to keep fit, play sports, socialise and of course play some video games. Find me on Instagram @max_cameron_blackburn or email me at see you soon.

Zhanna Tlegenova

Hello, my name is Zhanna and I am an international Master student in Sport Business Management. Coming to Sheffield was my first time studying abroad, and it is a great journey and experience in my life. Apart from my studies, I love travelling, hiking and reading. I am also passionate about volunteering and working in the events industry, so I call myself a big eventer and a world citizen. You can also find me on Instagram @zhtlegenova8.

Rhianne Saunders

Hi, my name is Rhianne and I am 21 years old. I am about to enter my final year of university and am studying for a degree in Events Management and Experiential Marketing and have loved my time in Sheffield and at Sheffield Hallam University. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my two gorgeous labradors, grabbing a drink with my friends, creating artwork and writing. I also have completed a fair amount of volunteering to compliment my learning at University. If you want to contact me please email

Emma Redfern

Hello, I am Emma and I am studying Fashion at Sheffield Hallam University. I have just completed my placement year where I have had the opportunity to set up my own business with support from Hallam’s Enterprise team. Using the creative skills that I have learnt during my degree I decided to develop a brand called The Calm Club that provides practical mental health support to those who need it most. I have really enjoyed my time living in Sheffield and I have discovered lots of great things about the city that I would love to share. You can also find me on Instagram here @thecalmclubco.