Helping you


Coming to University, moving away from home, living independently and studying for a degree can be daunting, but also really exciting. You will find many new and interesting opportunities that will enable you to grow over the next few years, and onwards.

Here at Sheffield Hallam as well as educating you, we want to look after you so you can flourish at University, be happy and achieve your full potential.

To do this we have developed a new scheme all GROW PLUS+ to deliver additional personal development opportunities to enhance your wellbeing as part of your course.

By participating in GROW PLUS+ you will understand yourself better, know your strengths, and develop coping strategies for resilience. These are research based initiatives, conducted by Sheffield Hallam Psychologists. You will receive one personal development initiative each semester.

It will provide you with :

  • Knowledge about yourself, to allow you to explore positive aspects of your functioning so you can understand yourself better.
  • Introduce different helpful techniques and exercises that you can use to help you with the challenges of university and work.
  • Allow you to map your personal development alongside your academic development. Hence the titleĀ GROW PLUS+
  • We will be consulting with you about the future content that you might find helpful on this journey in subsequent years.