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Monday 11 May 2015 

Student voice
  • Get valuable insight into working in a large organisation and some valuable tips about dealing with customers at ICE Club Xtra.
  •  Are you interested in working full-time in the UK after you graduate? Working in the UK after studies sessions provide information about Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 5 visa routes.

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International Student Support Team

SHU GoGlobal blog competition

Now–Friday 26 June 2015

Share your experience of going global to inspire others and you could win an iPad mini.


The SHU GoGlobal blog competition is to create an online blog about your experience of internationalising while being a student at Sheffield Hallam University. Internationalising is the process of gaining an understanding of other cultures and developing a global outlook.

The brief is to create an online blog which records the best stories from your time at Sheffield Hallam or your study/work experience abroad and the impact the experience has had on you and your future.

You can read the competition rules at www.shu.ac.uk/global

Need someone to talk to?

Nightline is a student run organisation and all our volunteers are trained in dealing with a variety of issues that students want to talk about. We offer a phone call service which any students can phone and talk to one of our volunteers, we are a non-advisory service but do offer support to students in a variety cases and are there for students who just want someone to talk to.

Our service is open every night of the academic year from 8pm – 8am, we are also an information service for students who need to find information on something specific such as finding a doctor surgery, university related problems and so on. We make sure that all information given will assist the person who is calling. We also have an email service in which students who feel uncomfortable talking on the phone can email us with any issues and our volunteers will contact you within 48 hours.

As well as this we have an instant messenger service that is open from 8pm – 12am which again is for students who might feel uncomfortable talking on the phone, but this service leads to quicker replies. Again with all the services we offer all our volunteers are trained and confidential in the service we provide. Our ultimate aim is to provide all students with a service in which they feel supported and have someone to turn to when they need to. 

The contact details for our services are as follows:

Phone call service: 0114 222 8787

Information service: 0114 222 8788

Email service: Nighline@sheffield.ac.uk

Instant Messenger service: Go to www.sheffieldnightline.co.uk and click on tab which says instant messenger service. 

Is your visa due to expire soon?

If you do not book a one-to-one appointment to see an immigration adviser at least 2 weeks before your visa is due to expire, then we may not be able to assist you with your application and you will have to send your documents off yourself.

You must attend a group session before you can book a one-to-one appointment.

It is important that you attend a group session at least 2 months before your visa is due to expire. You will be unable to get a CAS application form if you have not attended a group session.

The next group sessions will be taking place as follows:


  • Thursday 7 – 2pm
  • Tuesday 12 – 10am
  • Thursday 21 – 2pm


  • Thursday 4 – 2pm
  • Tuesday 9 – 10am
  • Thursday 18 – 2pm
  • Tuesday 23 – 10am

Please come to the Student Services Centre, Level 5 Owen or Heart of the Campus to book on to a group session.

Want to work in the UK after your studies?

Would you like some visa advice?
If yes, then book a place on our Working in the UK after studies workshop.

We will look at all the possible visa routes for international graduates into full time work including:

• Tier 2 Scheme
• Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur
• Tier 5

The workshop will also focus on how to improve your employability and how you can make the most out of your time at Sheffield Hallam University. We will explain the visa rules and how to maximise your chances of success.

The next workshops will take place in the Careers and Employability Centre (unless otherwise stated):

To attend, you must book your place in advance by following one of the links above.

Call for participants

International Student Well-being Research Project

Can you help?

Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University are conducting a study about the challenges and positive experiences of being an international student at Sheffield Hallam University.

 Participants are needed to take part in Focus Groups to be held at the Owen Building in the afternoon of Tuesday 26th May (Focus Group 1: 1.30pm – 2.30pm, Focus Group 2: 3pm – 4pm) and Wednesday 27th May 2015 (Focus Group 3 – 2.30-3.30). You will only need to attend one Focus Group.

The Focus Group will be small (only 4-6 students) and will be relaxed and informal. They will take only one hour.

This research is important to improving the experience of international students.

Dr Emma Kirkby-Geddes would like to hear from you if you would like to take part.  Please email Emma directly e.e.kirkby-geddes@shu.ac.uk.

SHSU Indians Society

A message from the society:

‘Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union (SHSU) Indians Society also known as Desi Indians began in April, 2015 with the guidance and support from SHSU. It was created with a basic aim to bring together all students at SHU together and promote the rich Indian cultural facet, to explore the variety and variance in India, where language and food undergo change for every step taken. This society will promote Indian festivals, food, culture, sports, music and traditions amongst all students in Sheffield Hallam University giving them an opportunity to learn and accustom them to know more about eastern culture.

SHSU Indians also aims for students to get to know and explore Sheffield, by arranging trips around the city, as Sheffield is filled with places for tourist attractions, sporting events, and food festivals.

SHSU Indians also is dominantly present on social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook page named SHSU Indians is a very good online platform to connect with all students and spread the message of any event conducted by the society.

The first event which the society initiated was the online photography competition, where in all the members of the group where asked to upload photos and the theme being “Your most amazing photo” and the photo which gets the maximum likes would be declared as the winner. The society received a decent response to start with, the winner of the competition being Tam Do with 29 likes for her photo captioned as “Catch me of you can”.

The Facebook page would also be shared with the admission authorities in India, so that they can provide it to all Indian students arriving in Sheffield for the first time. SHSU Indians society will aim to help, resolve and guide any issues and concerns posted by new joiners on the page regarding accommodation, travel or university issue. The society will direct them to the correct channel to help them setup their life in Sheffield with minimum hassles and maximum support.

Establishing the society is only part of the journey, however support and guidance from the university and students will act as a major factor for the success to achieve the objectives. The society aims to get maximum registration from all the students. Please do register on the Hallam Students Union website under the cultural tab, Indian. The steps to register have been posted on the Facebook page. In case of any issue please post your queries on SHSU Indian group on Facebook or you can email on shsuindians@gmail.com.’

Exam Wellbeing Zone for students

Between Tuesday 5 – Friday 15 May, Student Wellbeing are offering tips and hints to help students deal with stress over the exam period.

Here are the details:

Where: Outside Hallam Hall (Level 6 Owen) and Sports Hall (Level 0 Surrey).

When:  Staff will be there an hour before the exams at 8.45am-9.30am and 1–2pm.

exam wellbeing zone

There’s also information on the Student Wellbeing blog under the Exam Stress tab.

You may find these ‘coping with exam stress‘ resources useful too:

Getting organised

How to plan your time

Looking after you

worry box - exam wellbeing zone