Study in America

Are you a post-graduate student thinking about continuing your studies? Do you fancy doing so in the United States of America? If so, read on!

Created by treaty on 22 September 1948, the US-UK Educational Commission (Fulbright Commission) fosters mutual cultural understanding through educational exchange between both nations.student-us_2757723b

American universities are becoming increasingly popular for UK and international students. Last year, over 9,400 UK students and over 700,000 total international students chose American universities for their studies.

For UK citizens, you can apply for Fulbright awards for postgraduate study, lecturing, professional exchange or research in the USA. International students are encouraged to use their advisory service, but non-UK citizens are required to apply in their country of citizenship, even if they are resident in the UK.

For an interesting insight into student life and experience in America, here’s a link to a case study of a student who took the plunge:

If you’d like to find further information about the opportunity to get funding to continue your studies in the US, then you can find out more here: