Rachel Walker – Studied and worked in France

Rachel studied at IPAG Business School for 1 semester, she then completed her work placement with orange Business Services in Paris.

I did my Erasmus / Exchange at IPAG Business School in Nice on the French Riviera.

Before I left for Nice I was both nervous and excited for the adventure to begin, I was also a little apprehensive about the differences between my new school and SHU.

I found that lessons and timetables were quite temperamental and always being changed at IPAG unlike Hallam.  However, the choice of modules were definitely better in France, I was able to study modules that have helped my prospects after graduation, the modules were really engaging and practical.

Studying with other students on their Erasmus exchange was the best part of the experience; I now have friends from all corners of the world.  Not only have I leant about the French culture but I have also met people from Mexico, Sweden, Spain, the list goes on….

Socialising in the South of France is completely different to the UK and even to Paris.  Being so close to Monaco and Cannes, we spent many nights out there.  Something I still brag about!  In Nice itself, most nights out are at bars which I actually prefer as everything is very casual and sociable.

In terms of support at IPAG, there is an Erasmus co-ordinator, who is very helpful, though a bit slow – to be expected in France.  IPAG really helps you to integrate with Erasmus students, but you must integrate with native French students off your own back.  I made a few French friends in Nice, who I am still in contact with but you must push to introduce yourself.