Mitesh Mistry – Erasmus exchange

The Erasmus exchange programme went beyond my expectations. I made new friends from France, Mexico, United States and China – all of whom I stillMitesh Mistry keep in contact today. I met and worked alongside some of the world’s most distinguished academics, politicians and leaders in the global arena. I got the opportunity to travel across the Netherlands and experience a different lifestyle.

Mitesh Mistry, Studied BA Hons Politics at The Hague University, the Netherlands

“I decided to undertake the Erasmus exchange programme because it was too good an opportunity to turn down. Being able to live abroad, study at a foreign institution and meet people from across the world seemed like an exciting prospect and I benefited greatly from doing this in terms of my academic, professional and personal development.  I had to adapt quite quickly in order to get going with studying in a foreign learning environment.  Working with students from other countries also helped me to become better at communication. I acquired a placement at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic which definitely helped me to develop my communication, interpersonal, leadership and decision making skills.  I never thought I would be able to undertake a placement whilst I was there – by doing this I proved to myself more than anyone that I could succeed in this field of work – one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Erasmus programme allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, living, working and studying in a foreign country. Before taking up this opportunity, I would have never considered going abroad to seek employment. Now I can’t wait to graduate and find out what opportunities are waiting for me in the international political arena.

I would definitely recommend taking part in Erasmus. Living and studying abroad was such a great experience mostly because I learnt a lot about myself and what I was capable of.

Erasmus defined 2013 for me and is an experience I will never forget! The people I met, the friends I made and the Diplomats I worked alongside all made this seven month extravaganza a phenomenal experience. I would recommend this to everyone! It was truly a remarkable experience.”