Call for Papers

15th Global Brand Conference 2022

Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

4th – 6th May 2022

Branding in a Time of Radical Transformation

We live in a time of continuous, rapid and radical transformation. Recent events in relation to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic are a clear example of this. Indeed, when our theme for this conference was decided, this virus was unheard of, yet it’s rapid spread has had wide ranging and significant impact on global economies and the lives of people across the world. However, while we are all currently in the process of experiencing this first-hand, radical transformations are evident across all aspects of the modern social order.  These manifest in myriad ways, from geo-political upheavals, to sweeping social, cultural and environmental changes, disruptive events and processes in politics, economies, societies, sectors and markets, and the decentralisation and democratisation of power, influence, innovation and creativity. In some instances, it is also apparent in powerful counterforces towards, for example, centralisation, homogenisation and isomorphism, and in the reinvention, repurposing and reinterpretation of people, places, objects and ideas. At the micro-level, the lives and experiences of individuals are being, or may soon be, radically transformed by scientific and technological changes in ways that are often difficult to predict, understand and control.

Against this background, the conference theme will be ‘Branding in a time of radical transformation’, and contributors are encouraged to consider and examine the relationship between brands, branding and radical transformation.  Some of the overarching questions they might wish to consider could include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • How and why might brands be affected by radical transformation?
  • What role might branding, identity and reputation play in facilitating, promoting, resisting or shaping radical transformation?
  • What are the implications of radical transformation for the role and meaning of brands in society and the marketplace?
  • How and in what ways have brands been impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  • How might radical transformation impact consumer-brand interactions and relationships?
  • What opportunities and threats does radical transformation present to established brands, new brands and start-ups? How might these different types of brands respond to the prospect and occurrence of radical transformation?

We also specifically invite and encourage branding, identity and reputation related submissions on a specialist sub-theme entitled ‘Critical perspectives on sustainability in a time of radical transformation’. As an example, delegates might wish to consider the following kinds of questions, and their implications for brands and branding:

  • What does sustainability mean in relation to brands and organisations and are there varying interpretations of this?
  • Can brands and organisations really be ‘sustainable’?
  • What is the relationship between sustainability, economic/commercial growth and the well-being of individuals and societies – and what are the implications of this for brands?

Our aim is therefore three-fold:

  1. To consider and examine the relationship between brands, branding and radical transformation.
  2. to critically consider this is the context of sustainability in particular.
  3. to further the development of knowledge, theory and practice in the field of branding, identity and reputation management. We thus invite original research and in-depth conceptual papers on the conference theme, the sub-theme, and on all aspects of brand, identity and reputation, including for example:
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Image and Identity
  • Brand Love and Loyalty
  • Brand Orientation
  • Brand Avoidance and Aversion
  • Brand Co-Creation
  • Brand Equity
  • Branding and Consumer Behaviour
  • Ethics and Sustainability in Branding
  • Non-profit, Charity and Social Enterprise brands
  • Heritage Brands
  • Internal Branding
  • Multisensory Branding
  • Neuromarketing and Brands
  • Online/Digital Brands
  • Place, Event and Experience Branding
  • Product Branding
  • Service Branding
  • B2B Brands
  • Big Data Analytics and Brands
  • Corporate and Umbrella Brands
  • Corporate Reputation and Identity
A view of Sheffield Hallam University, hosts of the 15th Global Brand Conference 2022

Sheffield Hallam University, hosts of the 15th Global Brand Conference 2022



Authors wishing to present a competitive paper are invited to submit an extended abstract (1400-1700 words) by 16th November, 2021 to gbc2020@shu.ac.uk.

See full Submission Guidelines and Key Dates here:  https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/gbc2021/2021/06/18/call-for-papers-2/

After the conference, the authors of competitive papers can submit their accepted and revised papers for review to a Special Issue of Business Ethics: A European Review

See call for papers here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14678608


The conference will be organized by Craig Hirst (Sheffield Hallam University) and Tony Grimes (Sheffield University)  together with the Academy of Marketing’s Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation SIG  –  Joana César Machado (chair) (Católica Porto Business School, Universidade Católica Portuguesa), Stuart Roper (Huddersfield Business School), Oriol Iglesias (Esade Business School), Francisco Guzman (University of North Texas), Daniela Andreani (University of Bergamo), Zoe Lee (Cardiff Business School) and Nicholas Ind (Kristiania University College).