Due to some essential works required as part of the Atrium refurbishment, we need to close the existing route to STEM (EMB and Sheaf) from the Atrium at level 2. It is essential we do this work before the start of the new semester and we plan to commence from Monday 23 August. We are hopeful that the works will be completed in 2 weeks but have allowed 3 weeks for any issues which may occur – giving us a completion date of Friday 10 September at the latest.

During this time, access to EMB and Sheaf will have to be via the main doors on the train station side. Access to MERI reception on level 2 will be via the Pond Street entrance to Harmer, which we will enable the access control to allow access through the existing entrance to Harmer off Pond Street.

The route across the Atrium to Harmer level 4 (including access to Adsetts, Howard and Surrey) will be open for use from Monday 13 September.

Estates apologises for any inconvenience caused.