On Wednesday 19 August between 8am and 1pm there will be a planned power outage in the following buildings: Collegiate Hall, Main Building, Pearson, Saunders, HOTC, Oaklands, Collegiate Learning Centre, Herbert wing. Most Villas whilst not open will not be affected.

There is a small risk that this power work might continue beyond the planned 5 hours and the autonomy of the UPS’s that support the Collegiate Campus Core switches and the Silo Comms room. This type of delay might result in some disruption to network services elsewhere on campus as the failure of two of the four Campus Core switches at the same time has not been tested for a long time.

We will be working to ensure that our internet services are being delivered via City based kit, prior to the power work starting.

As with all power work, there is a small risk that service is not restored for Campus Edge switches and other IT equipment once power has been restored in the buildings. The network team will be closely monitoring the service for any issues. We are also aware that there is the risk that a failed switch could be in a room impacted by asbestos. If this is the case, please be patient as we try and address any issues that arise.