The Architecture Department has recently opened the doors to two refurbished studios on Surrey level 3. The project was led by Faculty Accommodation Manger, Carolyne Ryder and Estates Project Manager, John McNamara, who have worked over the summer to bring rooms 5306 and 5310 up to the same specification as those completed previously.

Room 5306 has been transformed into an IT room with bespoke mobile storage units and gallery-like walls for pinning up student work. Room 5310 has a similar provision with dedicated studio workspace, PCs and power reels fitted above the central tables to support flexible working. Comfy sofas have also been neatly placed into the curved glass block wall to create a breakout space for students to collaborate and share ideas.

Speaking about the new studios, Deputy Head of Architecture Paul King said, ‘We are delighted with our newly refurbished studio spaces on Surrey level 3, and have enjoyed working with Carolyne and her team over the past three years to upgrade the Architecture and Architectural Technology studio teaching spaces. The positive impact that the increase in daylight and space alone will have on the staff and student experience cannot be underestimated. It is also exciting to see the introduction of mobile touchscreen technology to support our established and future modes of teaching’

Both studios facilitate the act of ‘creating’; with the innovative, light-filled, and flexible spaces providing an excellent working environment for students and staff within the department.