Having a long-term direction of travel enables us to take a more strategic view of how we deliver the campus masterplan projects. As a leading applied university, we have taken an ambitious look at how we can best deliver the masterplan and want to set a benchmark in innovative construction procurement. We know that the traditional means of delivering projects will not enable us to deliver on our aspirations to be truly transformational so we are taking a different approach to delivery.

The Hallam Alliance is the first delivery model of its kind in the country for a university building programme.  It will bring together three core delivery partners with the University under a single contract. These partners will work collaboratively to deliver the programme in a way that maximises transformation and delivers the best long-term value to the university.

Our three delivery partners will be a multi-disciplinary construction consultant, a main contractor and a facilities management provider. Working together utilising digital technologies and modern methods of construction, the Alliance will be able to tackle many issues presented by “standard” construction approaches and ensure that the operation, use and management of our buildings is considered properly from the outset.

Taking a long-term view over multiple projects affords unique opportunities. Two of these are:

  • Employment and Skills – the Alliance will have targets to support teaching, learning and employment.
  • Innovation Hub – bringing private sector and university expertise together to tackle key challenges facing construction.  This is an opportunity to drive applied research, work to solve key challenges and apply the findings on our projects.