The University Atrium project sets out to create a high quality and ambient space that will enhance the student, staff and visitor experience. As part of this refurbishment, we plan to install a living green wall within the building’s interior, which will be made up of colourful plants, foliage and greenery. The 11 metre centrepiece in the heart of our multi-storey atrium will be an innovative and aesthetically-pleasing feature.

The living wall will also offer a range of environmental benefits such as air purification, sound absorption, temperature regulation and energy cost reduction. This will create a much healthier indoor atmosphere and provide natural boosts to mental wellbeing and productivity.

We will also be adding improved circular seating areas on each floor of the Atrium, which will offer a more private and comfortable space for occupants to work, meet and socialise. In addition to the green wall, there will be miniature garden areas, indoor trees and tropical plants. The transformation will give our staff and students the opportunity to engage with green spaces and embrace the new multi-use, collaborative meeting areas.

The Atrium development reflects our commitment to creating a flexible campus that champions sustainability and enhances the University’s green credentials. To further our ambition to become a leading sustainable HE institution, we are currently installing a new purpose-built cycle hub on Arundel Gate that will feature a dry, secure bike storage unit. This will help to support more sustainable travel options for our students and staff.