Throughout 2017 the Bryan Nicholson Building and Charles Street both took part in a trial of new water saving technology in the form of Drenched taps. In response to feedback gained in December 2017 they have now been replaced with standard taps.

Drenched had the benefit of saving water and energy but we listened to staff and students who were not satisfied with their day to day use and over 75 per cent of respondents requested they were replaced.

Sheffield Hallam University are still keen to manage water and energy consumption across the campus and will continue to look at alternatives and gain feedback from all users.

We have already begun another trial with Waterblade, this time limited to Bryan Nicholson Building. Waterblade typically uses a quarter of the water of a standard tap by shaping it into a ‘Jelly Fish’ shaped, paper thin sheet of water that is as wide as your hand.