The STEM project remains on course for completion around Easter 2017. The vast majority of heavy work has been completed, including demolition on level 0 to create the new access to the loading bay and goods yard and installing ducting in the EMB café. Painting, decorating, flooring, cladding and commissioning will be taking place over the next few weeks, and any emerging snagging issues dealt with. Next week the hoardings around the site will also start to be taken down although temporary fencing will remain in place to prevent unauthorised access.

There are still some ongoing activities to be aware of. On Monday 20 February essential work to upgrade data cabling began in Sheaf levels 2 and 3. This work is taking place outside normal working hours, from 6.30pm to 5.30am, so there should be minimal impact on staff, students and other visitors. Power and networks will not be affected. Rooms where overnight work has been carried out will be cleaned by the contractors before the start of the working day. However colleagues can help by ensuring desks and floor spaces are left clear where possible, and any personal or valuable items stored away safely. The list of rooms where upgrades are taking place, and the scheduled dates of this work, are available here.

Later this month, a small area of Pond Street will be closed off to allow resin to be laid on the bridge between Sheaf and Surrey. Dates for this work are still to be confirmed and it may be that we are able to complete it out of normal working hours. However staff and students may notice a slight smell when this work is carried out – this is to be expected and does not pose any risk for those in the area.

The estates team are working with representatives from the faculty, facilities management and other colleagues to plan the handover and transition of the new atrium and other refurbished areas during April. This will include providing guidance for staff and students using the spaces, and activities to mark the opening of the new atrium. I’ll be able to share more as these discussions advance.

Finally, although the project is nearing its conclusion and much of the heavier work has been completed there are a number of areas which are still under the control of the contractor. For your own safety, staff and students are reminded to pay attention to warning signage and respect areas which are currently out of bounds.