Progress on the STEM development is continuing well. Much of the heaviest work within the new atrium has been completed, and we’re now in a position to begin installing the wooden wall cladding and decorating.

There are a few final pieces of disruptive work to complete in the next week or two that staff should be aware of. From Monday 13 February demolition in and around room 4118 in Sheaf, and in EMB adjacent to the café area, will be taking place. To minimise the impact on staff and students this will be carried out between 4pm and midnight although anyone using the building after 4pm should expect some disturbance.

Further demolition has also begun on Sheaf level 0 to create the new access to the loading bay and goods yard. Again, we have arranged with the contractor for the noisiest elements of this job to be undertaken before 8.30am to reduce disruption as far as we can. As part of the work on the service yard, as of Monday there is no access for staff to the old service corridor and the adjoining rooms, including 4001. However limited access along the new corridor has come into use so access for deliveries is not interrupted.

The shutdown of Sheaf on Sunday 28 January and the relocation of fire and pressurisation panels went well, and the small number of snagging issues were dealt with quickly. Thank you to everyone who helped this run smoothly.

Forthcoming activities will include hoardings around the site and any remaining scaffolding being removed. To enable tarmac to be laid on the bridge between Sheaf and Surrey, Pond Street is likely to be closed on Sunday 19 February to enable equipment and material to be lifted in. This will be confirmed at a later date.