Welcome to the first Sheaf/EMB update of 2017; what will be a busy and exciting year for STEM as we head towards the end of the project and the opening of our fantastic new space.

There were no issues on site while the University was closed. Contractor Houltons is now back on site as planned and work is progressing well.

The University is due to take possession of the new chemical engineering lab, Sheaf 4014, and rooms 3006, 3007, 3009 and 3012 in EMB on Friday (13 Jan). The terrace area outside the new chemistry lab in EMB has been cleared, with scaffolding removed and waterproofing and paving work completed. Much of the scaffolding around Sheaf and EMB has also come down, making a big difference to the appearance of both buildings.

Work to remove the old asphalt and waterproofing from the bridge across Pond Street, which connects Sheaf with Surrey, has begun this week. This is ahead of new paving being laid across the bridge in the next few weeks. Breaking out the old asphalt may create some noise disturbance, although this is difficult to predict as it depends on how easily the old surface is removed. This should be completed by 20 January. During this period staff and students may notice a smell of bitumen as new floors are laid across the bridge. This is not harmful and should be relatively short-lived, but apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are expecting a temporary road closure to be in place on Pond Street, opposite EMB, on Saturday 21 January from around 7am to 4pm to allow equipment to be removed from the bridge. This is still to be confirmed. Traffic diversion signs will be in place and footpath routes will be unaffected.

Fire and pressurisation panels are being relocated from Sheaf level 1 to the new atrium later this month. Preparatory work will begin from Monday 23 January, although the system will remain fully active during the working week. To enable the switch to occur, however, it will be necessary to shut down emergency systems in Sheaf on Saturday 28 January. As such the building will be closed to all staff, students and visitors on that day.

Finally exams are taking place over the coming weeks, as well as a course open day on Sunday 5 February. We have been liaising with the contractor to ensure that no work takes place at this times that will disrupt these important activities.

Thank you.