The pouring of screed for the new atrium floor began last week and so far has progressed very well. A levelling off layer has been put down in the main atrium area, and underfloor heating will be installed above this. A second layer of screed will be poured to seal this in and create the final floor level. Screed is also being laid in the area at the top of the atrium stairs this week. The pictures included in this update show the new atrium before and after the first screed was poured, and highlight how the area is really starting to come together.

All the heavy machinery was removed from the atrium ahead of the screed work and will not be returned; an indication of the fact that we are beginning to move into the final phase of the STEM project. The underfloor heating within the atrium will be turned on towards the end of December and will be increased gradually, which will also help bring up temperatures for staff and students working in areas close to the new space.

The very heavy rain last week caused a few minor issues with water ingress, although these were quickly identified and dealt with. Hopefully all those areas which have been vulnerable during the construction works should now be closed off and sealed as work on the atrium progresses. An issue with the guttering on the NMB side of Sheaf also caused some water issues, although this was not an issue related to the project and is being dealt with separately by us.

The new chemistry lab on EMB level 2 will be handed over to the University week next week – although is not timetabled to be in use until summer 2017 – and work on the chemical engineering lab will be completed before Christmas. On Monday 5 Oct we will also begin to move the flight simulator to its new home, following the final open day of the year on Sunday. On that topic, the contractors and estates team will make a check of the site ahead of the open day to ensure there are no issues which can impact on any of our visitors this weekend.