Phase 1 of the STEM project is nearing completion, and level 3 of Sheaf will be handed back to the University before Christmas. Work is ongoing on level 2; walls and ceilings continue to be stripped out and new walls will start being erected before Christmas. On Sheaf level 1, the work to remodel the network switch room required for first phase has been completed ready to provide data to Sheaf Level 3.

The ongoing bad weather and heavy rainfall has continued to cause some problems with water leakage on site. Work to demolish the concourse has been postponed because of issues highlighted by water damage to Sheaf level L. Our contractor Houlton’s have made the sensible decision to delay this work until they can be confident that they can guarantee no further leaks. This will not impact the ongoing work in Sheaf. Waterproofing of the building will also be completed before the Christmas break to protect from any further adverse weather.

Assisted Opening devices and new handles are being installed in the doors at the temporary entrances to both Sheaf and EMB, which will prevent the doors from slamming and keep out any bad weather. The design for the new atrium is well underway and updated hoardings for the site, including infographics to help inform staff, students and visitors about the project, will be delivered in January. Also in the new year, the contractors will run a demolition test on EMB level 2 to predetermine the noise, vibration and  dust levels associated with this phase of the project in order to properly plan how disruption from the work might be mitigated.

The contractors will continue to work on the site between Christmas and the new year to reduce disruption. Work will be done to protect equipment in Sheaf, in collaboration with ACES technical staff, before the festive break.

If you have any queries about anything raised in this briefing please contact Yvette Appleton on ext 5171.