Work on the demolition of the entrance of Sheaf is now underway, with work being done by hand. Steps are being taken to minimise disruption by keeping the works self-contained with an insulated barrier. It is possible, however, that there may be some reverberation noise.

Temporary scaffolding and waterproof covering will soon be installed over the roof of Sheaf level 2 so that the roof can be removed ready for the atrium connection.

Work on Sheaf level 3 continues, with walls and ceilings starting to go up this week. As per the recent Faculty communication, Sheaf 2 is being decanted in readiness for works to start.

Over at EMB, demolition of the entrance will begin this week, with measures being taken to mitigate against bad weather.

The new accessible, slip-resistant ramp into EMB should be in use by later this week and will remain in use throughout the project. The recent rain delayed this slightly, but we’re back on track with it now.

With these works, a level of disruption is inevitable. Whilst we are doing all we can to minimise this, we continue to work closely with the contractor to be responsive to feedback in this area.  We thank those affected for their patience and understanding.

Finally, a new fly-through animation, showing what the finished atrium will look like, has recently been produced; you can view this on this blog post.