Following the work which took place on two of the Owen Lifts last year, the remaining two lifts are also being refurbished to bring them up to standard.  On completion of the refurbishment a new console system will be in place which will assign each user a lift based on the floor they select to reduce waiting times and provide reliable, quicker journeys, it will also feature a disabled user button which will provide audio assistance.

The work will be completed September 2013.

A video showing a demonstration of a similar system can be seen at:

A list of frequently asked questions about the project is below.  If  you have any other questions please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing the lift system?

The Lifts are being replaced under the long term maintenance plan which continually evaluates and monitors all SHU assets. The Owen four car group was last refurbished in 1994 and has run continually since then. The old lift system is no longer supported technically by its original manufacturer’s and spares were becoming hard to source. In addition more modern energy efficient systems have been introduced on to the market along with server controlled dispatch systems that reduce journey times.

What are the benefits of the new system?

Around 40% less energy use. Quicker more direct journey’s between destinations. Lighter brighter Car environment.

What will change?

Hall call destination system will not require floor buttons in cars, you enter your required floor destination on the console and the system will work out the nearest and quickest Lift to take you to your chosen floor destination, it will allocate a lift to you for that journey i.e. Lift 6,7,8,or 9, you will then go and stand by that particular lift and await its arrival.

How will the new system work?

See above.

If there is a group of 10 people waiting for the same floor do we need to press the button 10 times?

No, the lift has an auto weigh on board facility using an average of 75KG per person and will move off as this limit is reached. This can be programmed to accept say 60 or 80 % loading as the system self learns and adjusts to Dynamic user conditions.

What if I get in a lift and haven’t pressed the button outside?

You may be lucky and reach your destination or not. No destination selection is possible from within the car. The solution is to get out at the next stop and select your destination floor then wait at the assigned lift. In short do what everyone else does and use the system.

Will there be a system for disabled users?

Partially sighted and blind people have an audio button to press and will receive verbal instruction from a speaker on the console they can respond to this by pressing the button to respond to the voice prompts. Alternately they can ask at reception for help. To assist wheel chair users longer door dwell times have been introduced to enable them to access the cars and we would ask abled bodied users to respect this class of user and give them priority.

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