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Welcome to Assessment 4 Students

FeedbackChalkboard and lightbulbThis resource aims to guide you through the assessment and feedback journey, highlighting the detailed guidance, information and resources needed during the academic year.

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Assessment support for the academic year 

The University continues to support fair assessment outcomes through a comprehensive package of support for students. These have been developed alongside our approach to teaching and learning. Look at the guidance on My Hallam

This resource aims to guide you through the details of the assessment and feedback journey. You can find explanations on our Glossary of Assessment Terms page.

Regulations, Policies and Procedures
Regulations, Policies and Procedures for Students

Hallam Help
Supporting and Developing our Students

Three students sitting at a lap top
Preparing to submit your work

You Got This
Submitting Your Work

Computer and paper

Students around a table
Marks and Feedback

Student Feedback Opportunities


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