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Regulations, Policies and Procedures for students

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Pointing to the regulationsThis section covers:

How is my degree calculated

The Award Classification Tools are designed to help you understand what classification you might be able to achieve. An accurate outcome will not be calculated for courses that have exemptions to the Standard Assessment Regulations. Please read the guidance notes which explain the different methods to calculate your final average mark and how to use the tool.

You can access your results transcript on My Student Record. Please be aware that any marks shown on My Student Record may be provisional and subject to change due to moderation. If you have any queries about how your degree is calculated please contact your College Student Support Advisers.

Assessment and Awards

Visit the Assessment and Awards page for the full range of assessment regulations, policy and guidance which includes:

  • standard assessment regulations.
  • exemptions from the standard assessment regulations.
  • policy, principles and procedures for assessment.
  • verification and moderation of assessment and marking
  • university grade descriptors
  • assessment board policy
  • managing students in tuition fee debt
  • student attendance and engagement policy
  • recognition of prior learning
  • independent study modules
  • study abroad mark conversation 

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Extenuating circumstances

While you study with Sheffield Hallam University you may experience some of the difficulties of life that affect most people, such as ill health or personal issues.  Normally, you will be able to overcome these without any impact on your studies.  Occasionally, you might experience circumstances that impact on your ability to complete your assessments on time because they occur suddenly, unexpectedly and are severe in nature. In these cases, you can explain your extenuating circumstances to us and if they meet our definition, we can support you in your studies. Visit our guidance to disability, ill health or other difficult personal circumstances.

Our aim is to provide you with the right support, depending on the timing and nature of your circumstances, to help you to complete your studies as close to the normal course duration as possible.

If there has been unexpected and unanticipated difficulties you may wish to:

Request to extend a submission deadline (RESD)

Guidance can be found:

Request to repeat an assessment attempt process (RRAA)

Extending deadlines for disability-related reasons

If your learning contract allows you to request extended coursework deadlines, you must contact Student Support Services as soon as you are sure that you will not be able to submit your work before the original deadline date, and with at least 24 hour’s notice. For further advice visit negotiating extended coursework deadlines for disability-related reasons.

Resitting exams for disability-related reasons

Please note that these guidelines only apply if you have a learning contract that allows for another exam sit for disability-related reasons. Check your learning contract. For further advice visit requesting another exam sit for disability-related reasons.

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Conduct and discipline

Visit the Conduct and Discipline page for the full range of regulations, policy and guidance which includes:

  • disciplinary 
  • academic conduct
  • student anti-harassment
  • freedom of speech
  • Prevent Duty
  • Anti-corruption
  • Fraud and corruption response plan 

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Appeals and Complaints

Visit the Appeals and Complaints page for access to the student complaint and appeals policy and procedures including the relevant forms. 

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Last updated: 13th November 2023 NB. For all enquiries regarding this page, please contact the ADI Team.