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To make a booking for a screening as a student or staff member you must first ensure the room is available and book it though the universities room booking system.  The room can be used by anyone via the front lectern to show a film on DVD, Bluray and PC but you may want to book a demo with a technician to get the most out of the room.  If you wish to show a 35mm or DCP film, a technician must be involved to operate the projection equipment.

The Void is covered by an educational screening license and a Public Video Screening License (PVSL), which means staff and students can screen films from participating studios and distributors without purchasing an additional license.  If you wish to charge customers for your screening you will need to purchase a Single Title Screening License for the film.

Please call 0114 225 3333 or email to book a technician.

For any advice and further information contact The Void direct on 0114 225 5331 /


External customers are encouraged to book the room via our events team who will make all the necessary arrangements.

Phone : 0114 225 5340

Email :