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About the Student Rep System


The Student Rep System plays a vital role in facilitating communications between students, staff, and the students’ union. Its main purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to feed back collectively to the University on academic issues, and it is managed through a partnership between the University and the Students’ Union.

The Rep System
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Student Reps typically engage with a variety of topics, including: the student learning and teaching experience; assessment and feedback; academic support; learning resources; and learning environments. The information that Student Reps provide can be used to influence decision-making at all levels of the University’s governance structure. Click on one of the following headings to jump to the section. 

  1. Structure
  2. Principles



The student rep system is made up of the following:

Course Reps

Course Representatives are elected (typically) by their fellow students and are a key link between students and their course team. They seek students’ views and represent them at Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLC), or other student representative fora where appropriate, working in partnership with staff to improve their course and academic experience. Course Representatives work with Students’ Union and Department Reps to update on their progress and report back to fellow students about staff responses/changes made. (Voluntary role)

Department Reps (1 per Department)

A single representative for each Department will be recruited and line-managed by the Students’ Union. Department Representatives will work closely with SU College Officers to collectively represent the student voice at College and Department level. Working with colleagues at the Students’ Union and University and gathering feedback from Course Reps, SU Department Reps raise issues with staff, make suggestions for improvements and help make positive changes in their department. It is an expectation that Department Reps will meet regularly with their Head of Department and the departmental leadership team. They are part of the constitution of Department Boards and will sit on the College Student Advisory Boards. They will also participate in a range of projects designed to enhance the student experience. SU Department Reps will report monthly to their Students’ Union and University colleagues and attend regular meetings with SU staff to identify actions and development needs. (Paid role)

College Officers (1 per College)

Work closely with academic staff to improve the experience for students. Encourage student involvement and engagement throughout the College in partnership with the University and Students’ Union staff. College Officers are key representatives of students and the rest of the Officer Team and Part-time Representatives, and raise cross-campus issues at Strategic University Committees when things cannot be resolved at department level, or when things have University-wide implications. College Officers support, and are accountable to, student representatives and societies in their College and work with staff to develop these groups.

View our Student Rep Infographic for a visual representation of roles.

Within the Students’ Union, full-time and part-time Union Officers represent all students collectively. 

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Our Student Representation System is underpinned by the following principles:


Image of an easelPersonal and academic growth is best achieved where there is freedom for expression and creativity.   We work together to sustain a community where thinking and learning can take place in an environment of free will and mutual respect.


Image of joining handsLearning happens in environments where there is a commitment to responsiveness and supportiveness. We work together to acknowledge challenges and take responsibility for meeting them.


image of a speech bubbleA University is a place where individual and collective perspectives are acknowledged and welcomed. We undertake to create and sustain a network of strong collaborations that can support open communication and constructive dialogue.



Sheffield Hallam University Student Voice Principles
The Student Rep System also aligns with the University’s Student Voice Principles. Click on the image to enlarge

Student Voice Evaluation Checklist
The Student Voice Evaluation Checklist (word document) can be used to help you review how the principles are being used. Click on the image to open up the word document


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Last updated: 9th March 2022 – Natalie Brownell ADD Team