Twitter as a Curator of Academic Resources in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities

Fernando Christian Hernandez Perez @bourdieu – Metropolitan Autonomous University, Azcapotzalco, Mexico City

Today, Pierre Bourdieu is the most influential Sociologist in the world. We created Pierre Bourdieu´s Twitter account 8 years ago in order to use a fictional identity (he died in 2001) to publish digital resources on Social Sciences and Humanities.

This account tweeting (6800 tweets) academic resources like a news, links to academic journals, academics blogs, papers and e-books.  In other words, Pierre Bourdieu’s Twitter account is a curator of academic resources. Especially students and professors in the field of Social Sciences find valuable academic literature in Pierre Bourdieu’s timeline.

The results of this staging suggest that nowadays Twitter is an essential tool to spread academic resources in addition to traditional media of teaching and learning.