Feedback from #SocMedHE16

What did attendees at #SocMedHE16 say they valued about the conference?

“The sense of being among other educators and learners who are enthusiastic about social media in education was important to me. It gave me the confidence to push on with some of my plans to introduce further innovations”

“Building a network of social media contacts, ideas and opportunities”

“Discovery of some tools for learning, different approaches to using social media as a platform for learning”

“As ever: networking and getting chance to hear what others are up to; discussions, sharing ideas, challenges, etc. Practical tips; new tools to try”

“The audience participation in my session helped me to deepen my thinking about my research”

“It has made me think about the use of social media in my own education a lot more and from this my aim is to grow my social media to learn more and connect with others”

“A new theoretical framework for talking about social media pedagogy”

“Finding other academics interested in conceptualising social media use”

“As a student, it made me think about the direction that I want my career to take, which was an unexpected outcome of attending! I particularly valued the sessions from an international perspective”

“Endorsement of my approaches – others using them too. Growing consensus and more good practice in how to work with students in this area”