Cake and other tools – How to develop social media through co-operation

Mike Ewen  @mike_ewen – University of Hull

Co-operation in the development of social media use is vital.  This talk will outline how Library and Learning Innovation at the University of Hull has worked closely with local, regional and national stakeholders to enhance their use of social media.  Through being a member of regional user groups and organising cross-departmental meetings on campus, we have been able to gather examples of best practice, identify opportunities for collaboration and create partnerships which has enabled us to provide a meaningful and innovative service for our students.  Through this collaborative process, we have transformed how we use social media – taking it from an information delivery service to an engagement and teaching tool.

We will focus on methods of co-operation including:

  • Regional networks
  • Cross University campaigns
  • Staff training
  • Digital literacy development
  • Student led content

We will outline success we have had in student recruitment and induction and provide practical suggestions on how you can start bringing like minded people together for the greater good…and cake.