#SocMedHE15 Online

Not got a ticket for #SocMedHE15 yet? it’s not too late! you can still get one from go.shu.ac.uk/socmedhe.

But if you can’t join us this year, you can still take part in the following ways:

Follow the conference on Twitter..

  • @SocMedHE – for following us
  • #SocMedHE15 – for all things conference
  • #StudentPick – for the sessions our students are rating
  • We’ve put a Twitter list of presenters together, so you can make connections.

Get talking early..

We’ve got three topics we’re opening up for conference conversation in Padlet. They’re open now, and will stay open till Monday 21st. You don’t have to be coming to the conference to contribute, and we want to hear all sorts of views – from students, teaching staff, strategic managers, TeL staff and anyone else with an interest.:

#SocMedHE15 Conference topic 1 – what are the myths about Social Media in learning? What’s the truth behind them? and how do we counter them? We’ve started off with an old favourite. Check to see if your thoughts are covered, if not – add them!
Visit the Padlet: http://padlet.com/socmedhe/myths or tweet including #SocMedHEmyths

#SocMedHE15 Conference topic 2 – how is your institution providing guidance for students and staff on using social media in their learning & teaching? If you feel like sharing, lets see your guidance – ours was produced on a shoestring, and we know it needs refreshing, there’s lots to do. It would be good if as a community we can generate some of the key messages we need to be getting across to students and staff.
Visit the Padlet: http://padlet.com/socmedhe/guidance/ or tweet including #SocMedHEguidance


#SocMedHE15 Conference topic 3 – what are the challenges your institution is facing in using social media for learning? How can we respond to them in meaningful and sustainable ways?
Visit the Padlet: http://padlet.com/socmedhe/challenges or tweet including #SocMedHEchallenges

At the pre-conference workshops..

Watch this space, we hope to share ways you can be involved on the way,

In the meantime Anne-Marie Borneuf  is running an online Twitter activity 12pm-1pm (GMT) on Thursday 17th, relating to her Research Flashmobs Thunderstorm  on the Friday. This Tweetchat will demonstrate the concept of using Twitter to engage students in Teaching and Learning. Find her @MMUPreRegNurse1 on Twitter and search out #MMUThunder & #SocMedHE15. She’s posted a tweet about Father Christmas, if you favourite & read it – then comment on it in the live Flashmob on Thursday 17th 12 – 1pm. She’ll be following the discussion in the Thunderstorm on Friday.

At the conference..

Streaming Keynote!

We’re aiming to stream Eric live via YouTube, we’ll put the link up here closer to the time

Google Hangout

And Maha Bali @Bali_Maha from Virtually Connecting is running a Q&A with Eric Stoller and Sue Beckingham live from the conference in Google Hangouts at some point after the keynote. We’re aiming for 10.30am.
Here is the WATCH LINK for the Hangout on Friday – http://youtu.be/7U8lz_Pd6cM 
You CAN share this link on Twitter!


We’re not going overboard this year (we’ve got bandwidth to consider) – but we are hoping to Periscope a few sessions. If you haven’t already, download Periscope on your device, and follow us @SocMedHE, you should get notifications when we start Periscoping..

What else?

One of our presenters will be presenting online,  and another presents a resource and activity online Both will be looking out for questions from Twitter, use their tags  

Our Presenters want to know..

Some of our presenters have a question to ask the conference. We’re going to manage this two ways

  1. At the conference, we’ll have the questions on the walls in the refreshment areas, and plenty of post-it notes (old skool!)
  2. And so we can include our external viewers – we’ve set up a google.doc with the questions, add your answers. It might get unwieldy, but we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it 🙂

What are we going to do with the questions and answers? Well of course everyone with the link will be able to take them away. We’ll probably neaten them up and publish them as a part of the conference proceedings next year, under Creative Commons so we can all benefit.

And Finally the fun stuff..

Our ears will probably bleed if we hear Noddy Holder one more time..

The vibe at the pre-conference dinner is on your shoulders! We’re putting together a Spotify playlist where you decide what we listen to. Make your suggestions using #SocMedHEXmasSongs, and we’ll add it to the playlist in the first hour (unless it’s hideous) Our ears are in your hands.. And of course we’ll share the playlist via Twitter, so you can  pretend you’re there.

Make the world better with a sweater!
Yes it’s Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2015

Don’t be shy! Wear your Christmas Jumper, take a selfie and Tweet it #SocmedHE15 #Sweater . We’ll have a collection on reception, and we’ll award a prize for the best one at at afternoon coffee 🙂

And, we’ll have some spot prizes for conference goers for things we haven’t thought of yet, because let’s face it, we haven’t even mentioned Star Wars yet..