All of the University’s award-bearing courses are subject to initial validation by a University validation panel. Where proposals are recommended for approval at validation, the provision is granted ‘indefinite approval’ subject to ongoing annual review and to periodic review at least once every six years, in line with processes defined in the University’s Quality Framework. The periodic review date of a course, once validated, is determined by the date of the ‘owning’ department’s next Departmental Periodic Review.

Once a course is validated, and provided that annual and periodic review processes to not indicate any major quality or standards-related issues, all courses are expected to continue in indefinite approval unless or until they are closed. Section 2 of the Quality Manual provides an overview and full details of the University’s validation process.

Process Description
Section 2 – Validation

Section 2 – Validation – Annex 1 – Guidance for Course Design and Planning Teams
♦ Section 2 – Validation – Annex 2 – Criteria for Assessing Quality and Standards at Validation
Section 2 – Validation – Annex 3 – Validation Panels – Constitution, Terms of Reference and Criterias for Nomination