Periodic Review

At Sheffield Hallam University Departmental Periodic Review is one of the processes through which the University assures itself that the academic quality and standards of its award-bearing provision are maintained. All academic departments’ portfolios of award-bearing provision will be subject to an in-depth Periodic Review at least once every six years. Academic courses that are delivered in collaboration with partner organisations may also be included in a department’s Periodic Review. Collaborative partner organisations (and the associated provision) are also subject to a separate review process, known as Collaborative Periodic Review (CPR). CPR operates on a separate, three-yearly cycle from departmental Periodic Review and is informed by the University’s approach to risk management. Separate procedures for Collaborative Periodic Review are detailed in the relevant section of the Quality Manual. The six-yearly cycle of Departmental Periodic Review, and the schedule for individual departments’ reviews, is agreed by the Academic Quality, Standards and Enhancement Committee (AQSEC).

Process Description
Section 5 – Periodic Review

Review Schedule


♦ Media, Arts and Communications


♦ Biosciences and Chemistry
♦ Finance, Accounting and Business Systems
♦ Law and Criminology
♦ Psychology, Sociology and Politics


♦ Academy of Sport and Physical Activity
♦ Humanities
♦ Service Sector Management


♦ Computing
♦ Management
♦ Nursing and Midwifery


♦ Art and Design
♦ Engineering and Mathematics
♦ Teacher Education and Education, Childhood and Inclusion (Joint Institute of Education event)


♦ Allied Health Professions
♦ Natural and Built Environment
♦ Social Work, Social Care and Community

Periodic Review Cycle 2 Pending