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BA Hon Childhood Studies
BA Hon Early Childhood Studies
BA Hon Education Studies
BA Hon Education with Psychology and Counselling
BA Hon Creative Writing Level 6
BA Hon English Level 5 and Level 6
BA Hon English Language Level 6
BA Hon English Literature Level 6
BA Hon Film Studies
BA Hon Film Studies and Screenwriting Level 6
BA History
BA Hon Performance for Stage and Screen Level 6
BA Hon Screenwriting and Film Level 4 & 5
Law and Criminology
BA Hon Criminology
BA Hon Criminology and Sociology
BA Hon Professional Policing
BSc Hon Criminology and Psychology
LLB Hon Law
LLB Hon Law with Criminology
Media, Arts and Communication
BA Hon Animation Level 6
BA Hon Digital Media Production
BA Hon Film and Media Production
BA Hon Film and TV Production with Foundation Year
BA Game Art
BA Hon Game Design and Development
BA Hon Journalism
BA Hon Journalism, Public Relations and Media
BA Hon Media Level 5 and 6
BA Hon Sports Journalism
Psychology, Sociology and Politics
BA Hon Applied Social Science
BA Hon Politics
BA Hon Sociology
BSc Hon Psychology
BSc Hon Psychology with Foundation year