Have you been phished?

February 25th, 2016 | Posted by Jennifer Kennedy in IT security

phishing white_sThe University receives around 25 million emails in an average month.  Many of these are malicious or phishing attempts. To keep staff safe, IS&T either blocks or quarantines anything identified as harmful  (only about 10 per cent of our email traffic actually drops into staff inboxes).  Despite all this, occasionally a particularly sophisticated email attack gets through and you’re likely to receive fraudulent emails through any personal email accounts you have – so please make sure you constantly watch for anything which looks suspicious.  Messages with spelling or grammatical errors should ring alarm bells but sometimes these emails can look authentic and come from apparently reputable sources.  They might also appear to be sent by your contacts.  Usually they will contain a link requesting confidential information about your financial or email accounts, loans you are arranging or goods you have ordered.

 Always think carefully before clicking on a link of this kind  or opening an attachment and never enter passwords or any other confidential information. 

 For advice about dealing with suspicious emails, please visit our IS&T staff intranet pages.


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