Keeping your home computer safe from viruses and hackers

June 4th, 2014 | Posted by Jennifer Kennedy in IT security


Andy Fearnley, IT Security Officer

You may have seen recent reports about attacks on web sites and malicious software which can run on your computer.  It’s clear that we all need to be vigilant about which websites we visit, make sure our passwords and log in details are secure and be on the lookout for phishing scams.  In IS&T at Sheffield Hallam, we constantly review our security processes, anti-virus software and firewalls to safeguard University files and systems but, for people working remotely or from home, it’s important to make sure personal PCs and mobile devices are safe from hackers and bugs.

Recently, the FBI (in partnership with authorities from countries around the world) shut down a network of computers which were hacking PCs and stealing information through the Gameover Zeus Virus and Cryptolocker ransomware. It’s almost certain that criminals will restart the hacking scams soon but the break-through gives everyone a two week opportunity to update their protection software and secure their personal information and computers.

For more information about the computer attacks, visit the National Crime Agency website.  The getsafeonline website is also very useful but is often unaccessible at the moment because of the volume of traffic over the last few days.  You can find a list of dedicated virus checkers on the web site.



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