Pilot Evaluation (July – September 2020)

The Pilot evaluation report will set out the findings and recommendations for next steps of the programme including:

  • Efficacy of the mentoring methodology
  • Efficacy of the programme on Year 10 pupils’ readiness to return to school, their habits of work and learning and their intentions for their immediate future.
  • Recommendations on the platforms used and involvement of the schools
  • Recommendations on the mentoring activities undertaken and the preparation of the mentors

Rollout (Autumn 2020)

Building on the above findings we intend to roll out the programme more extensively in autumn 2020. This will include:

  • Training and delivering mentoring for South Yorkshire schools
    • Recruitment and competitive selection process for recent graduates
    • Intensive week long training for successful graduates at the start of November
    • Providing two mentors to each participating school
    • Each mentor could work with up to 15 pupils both 1:1 and in small groups, meaning a total of 30 pupils per school
    • ¬†Graduates to deliver 7 weeks of mentoring taking place in the lead up to Christmas and to be continued after the Christmas break in order to prepare pupils for their upcoming exams
  • Providing a training model for other universities or organisations to adopt
    • Scalable distance learning mentoring course, designed and delivered by experts
    • Organisations could deploy mentors in a local context and to meet local needs
    • Ability to draw on the Civic University Network, led by Sheffield Hallam University, to work cooperatively on a national scale.