As a proof of concept for our model, we delivered a pilot programme where we worked with four schools and 40 Year 10 pupils across Sheffield City Region from 29 June to 31 July 2020.

The pilot consisted of the following four key phases:

  1. Graduate Mentor Recruitment and Selection (12 – 26 June)
    • Competitive recruitment process
    • Remote interview
    • Enhanced DBS checks
  2. Online Training (29 June – 3 July)
    • 20 hours intensive training
    • 4 hours self-study
    • Blend of online resources, webinars and self-led reflection
  3. Delivering Mentoring Sessions (6 – 24 July)
    • 8 mentors working with 4 schools
    • 5 Year 10 pupils per mentor
    • 2 hours of mentoring per pupil per week
  4. Pilot Evaluation and Impact Assessment (27 – 31 July)
    • Mixed methods to evaluation examining the efficacy of the mentoring methodology and the programme on Year 10 pupils’ readiness to return to school, their habits of work and learning and their intentions for their immediate future.
    • Analysis of recorded mentoring sessions, including the outputs created from the 40 Pupil Development logs.
    • Qualitative outcomes of pupil reviews, Graduate Mentor interviews and school surveys.
    • Publish an evaluation report including recommendations on the platforms used, involvement of the schools, mentoring activities undertaken and the preparation of the mentors.