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International Student Registration – November 2015

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

“What documents do I need to bring to Registration?”

You will need to bring your passport, visa – including your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card – and your SHU Student card.

Please note these must be your original documents – photocopies or electronic copies will not be accepted.

Some students may be asked to bring additional documents to Registration – if this applies to you, it will be clearly stated in your invitation email, so please read your invitation email carefully.

“I don’t have my passport and/or my visa / BRP card – what should I do?”

If you do not currently have your documents for any reason, please bring evidence of where the documents are being held.

For example, if you have sent your documents to UKVI to apply for a visa extension, please bring evidence of postage, or a letter of response from UKVI as evidence of your application.

If you have recently applied for a Shengen visa or any other type of visa, please bring evidence. For example, a letter acknowledging your application, evidence of postage such as a postal receipt, or other evidence of your application.

If your documents are held by the Police or any other agency, please bring a receipt or other documentation to evidence this, e.g. a letter of receipt from the Police/other agency.

“I have lost my passport / visa / BRP card – what should I do?”

If you have already made an application for a replacement, please bring evidence of your application to Registration.

If not, you must contact SHU International Experience Team (IET) urgently for guidance on how to apply for a replacement passport or visa, or BRP card.

If IET are assisting you with your replacement application, please bring evidence of this to Registration, e.g. IET Appointment Card or printout of emails from IET.

“I can’t attend Registration! What should I do?”

Please note that all current Tier 4 students must attend Registration unless they are in one of the following situations:

  • You are currently absent from study, or will be absent during the Registration period. This may be due to illness or other circumstances;
  • You are currently studying away from Sheffield, for example if you are conducting research at a location outside Sheffield;
  • You are in your home country completing your remaining studies, for example, writing up your Dissertation;
  • You have returned to your home country / have left Sheffield, because you have recently completed all of your required studies or;
  • You are absent for any other reason.

If any of the above applies to you, you must contact your Faculty to request an Authorised Absence – please see below for instructions on how to do this.

“How do I request an Authorised Absence if I can’t attend Registration?”

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or studying an English Language/TESOL course you must urgently contact your Faculty in person or by email, who will advise you.

If you are a PhD/doctoral research student, you must urgently contact your Faculty Research Administrator Office to request an Authorised Absence. Your Research Administrator will advise you.

“I am currently on Placement – what should I do?”

Please reply urgently to tier4registration@shu.ac.uk with your Student ID number and details of your Placement, including the date you began your Placement, the full name and address of your Placement employer, and the date your Placement ends.

We will then review your response and advise you.

“I am living outside of Sheffield and it will be difficult for me to attend Registration – what should I do?”

You must urgently respond to tier4registration@shu.ac.uk with full details. Please include your Student ID number and Course Title in your response. We will then advise you.

“I have recently changed my immigration status / visa type and no longer require a Tier 4 (General) student visa – what should I do?”

Please reply urgently to tier4registration@shu.ac.uk with details of your new immigration status / visa type. If possible, please attach electronic copies of your new visa documents – i.e. your visa ‘vignette’ and BRP card if you have one – to your email. Please include your Student ID number and Course Title in your response.

“I am a UK or EU student and believe I have been invited to Registration by mistake – what should I do?”

Please reply urgently to tier4registration@shu.ac.uk with details. If possible please attach a scanned, electronic copy of your UK/EU passport to your email. Please include your Student ID number in your response.

“I have other questions about Registration.”

If you have any other queries, please email tier4registration@shu.ac.uk, including your Student ID number and Course title in your email.

This week’s news

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Student voice

Best wishes,

International Experience Team

Recruiting for International Experience Ambassadors for ICE Club

Joining ICE Club is one of the best things you can get involved with at Sheffield Hallam, as we offer paid work opportunities to deliver welcome services and social trips, and other opportunities too.

How to apply

 You need to submit a CV and covering letter via shuspace. The deadline to apply is 9 November 

Our favourite places… Sheffield Culture Guide

There’s never a shortage of places to visit and top events in Sheffield. From cafes bursting with charm and mouthwatering food, to independent shops showing off Sheffield artists’ creations; parks that reveal breathtaking views of our hilly city and art galleries that spark the imagination. Sheffield has loads of festivals, covering music, art, film and much more.

Find out more. 

Have your say… suggest a title to help build the library collection!

190 titles were requested when we ran this promotion in March. 

Now it’s your turn!

Between 2nd – 9th Nov you can suggest a title you’d find helpful to have in the library.

So get your thinking caps on and titles read. Live links will be available on the Library Gateway, twitter and here on Monday 2nd Nov!

Here’s how it works –

  • we’ll buy an e-book version of your suggestion if it’s available/suitable and we don’t have it already, (not all books are available as e-books). Or alternatively we may buy a single copy of a book.
  • we’ll let you know if we order it and if not why not
  • when the book arrives we’ll place a copy on request for you and email to let you know when it’s ready to collect.

#suggestatitle #shulibraryhys

Start-up Weekend

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd November at the Electric Works

If there’s a problem you think can be solved with technology, entrepreneurship and good old fashioned grit, this is the place to kick it all off. Build amazing teams, access awesome mentors and be brave enough to take the stage and present to a panel of judges who have the power to send your startup to battle in a global arena.

Sign up for Start-up Weekend here.

We have a discount code. It is SHUSW 

Enter the Enterprise Idea Competition for a chance to win £500!!

Who is eligible?

It is open to all current students of SHU only

When and how can they enter?

You can enter anytime between Monday 28th September and Friday 30th October.

Visit the website to enter www.enterpriseideacompetition.com

Create a 2 minute video addressing the following questions (need to say each question on the video before they answer it):

– What is your idea?

– How will it work?

– Who are your customers?

– Why will they buy it?

– What are your next steps?

Workshops to help:

The Enterprise Team are running some workshops to help inspire people and come up with ideas to enter with. Dates and description below:

“This isn’t another talk, seminar or lecture; this is your opportunity to develop skills that are relevant to your degree, your job prospects and employability, and for if you are considering setting up your own business. It is going to be a 2 hour interactive workshop, with hands on, practical skills development and the chance to have a bit of fun!”

Wednesday 21st October 4-6pm https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creating-enterprising-ideas-tickets-18113749713

Thursday 29th October 5-7pm https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creating-enterprising-ideas-tickets-18113765761

How will they find out if they have won the £500?

The winners of the Enterprise Idea Competition will be announced on Tuesday 17th November at the Global Entrepreneurship Week event ‘Hear from the Entrepreneur’ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hear-from-the-entrepreneur-a-global-entrepreneurship-week-event-tickets-17934806489

Are you feeling festive and creative? Do you need some Christmas cash?

christmascard-bannerWe are inviting all Sheffield Hallam students to take part in our Christmas card competition.

We are looking for a creative, festive design or photograph for our Christmas card based on the theme of Sheffield at Christmas.

The winning entry will be chosen by the Vice-Chancellor. The winner will receive £100 and be credited on the back of the Christmas card, which will be sent to all our key stakeholders including MPs, leading business executives and university Vice-Chancellors.

Closing date Monday 2 November 2015

Find out more

Experience British Culture at Sheffield Hallam

The International Experience team have organised a number of events which will help you experience British culture and meet new friends.

Highlights of the month long programme include,

-A James Bond film screening (30th October)
-Experience the traditional British festival Bonfire night (5th November)
– A trip to the Beatles Museum and the City of Liverpool (7th November)
-British Cultural evening in the Heartspace Café  organised by British students (18th November)
-A trip to the beautiful English City of Cambridge (5th December)

Further information about all of the events is in the Experience UK Culture , Make new friends booklet available from the Student Services Centre, level 5, Owen.   Information will also be posted in the SHU Go Global Facebook page.

Increase in Maintenance Funds

Important Notice – the established presence concession is being withdrawn from 12 November 2015.

ALL students will need to show £1,015 per month for living expenses (£680 per month for dependants) up to a maximum of 9 months = £9,135 (£6,120 for dependants).

This amount is required to be held in your account for 28 days prior to making a visa extension application.