Location: Howard Street, Sheffield
Start date: April 2020
Construction partners: Hallam Alliance
Project Manager: John McNamara

On Monday 6 April we will start refurbishing the main University Atrium at City Campus. This is an essential piece of work to repair some leaks in the roof and improve one of the main central spaces of the University. The work will last for about a year and, although we will do our best to minimise any impact, the project will inevitably cause some disruption so please do bear with us. The University takes the wellbeing and safety of our staff and students very seriously with an aim to ensure our campus continues to be fit for purpose, sustainable and equipped for future needs.

How to get around City Campus during the works

Whilst the work is undertaken, alternative routes will be in place linking to the Atrium. A review of the wayfinding requirements has been completed and signage will be put up over the coming weeks. The site hoarding will be installed from Monday 6 April and will also provide additional information on the best ways to move across campus while the work is undertaken.

The brief guide below provides an overview of the alternative routes and further information will be communicated as we approach the start of the work on site.

Getting to Adsetts

  • External accessible route via Arundel Gate, Level 6.
  • Internal accessible route from Owen building via Atrium level 4.
  • Norfolk lift provides an accessible route from Pond Street.

The Atrium

The following areas will remain accessible for the majority of the project:

  • Level 2 MERI Reception accessed via Surrey building (from Pond Street entrance or Level 1 Owen building link corridor.
  • Level 4 Harmer and Howard Building accessed via protected route through Atrium, accessed via Surrey Building staircase.

Getting to Harmer

  • Pond Street, Level 0 entrance.
  • Atrium Level 2 MERI Reception & staircase.
  • Atrium level 4, via Surrey building staircase.
  • Accessible travel between all levels within Harmer building possible throughout the project.
  • Owen building accessed via Surrey building level 1 and the Owen building link corridor leading to Owen building lift lobby and staircase. This is an accessible route through provision of lift 47 and the Surrey building external ramp.

Getting to Howard (Inc. Pennine Lecture Theatre)

  • Accessible route to Pennine Lecture Theatre from Owen building is via Surrey building, lift 47.
  • Accessible route to Pennine Lecture Theatre.
  • Alternative access will be via the lower external entrance, which will be accessed from a new path off Pond Street.
  • Howard building floors 3, 5 and 6 are all accessed via the Surrey building.
  • Howard building floor 4 will be accessed via the Atrium level 4, from Surrey building stairs and lift 47.

Getting to Norfolk

  • Hallam Active accessed via Pond Street, accessible route via Norfolk building lift.
  • Norfolk level 2 accessed via Owen building level 3, Atrium level 4 to Norfolk staircase, accessible route via Norfolk building lift.
  • Access between Owen and Norfolk buildings largely unaffected.

Getting to Owen

  • Access within the Owen building will be impacted for a short duration of the refurbishment. The exact dates for this work will be communicated in due course.
  • Access from the Owen building to Harmer, Howard, Surrey and STEM will only be possible via the level 1 link corridor between Owen and Surrey buildings and externally via Howard Street.
  • A restricted use accessible route is being created for colleagues at level 4 across the Atrium to alleviate the impact on travel across campus.

Getting to Surrey

  • The existing Surrey building entrance via Pond Street will be promoted as an accessible entrance to the Surrey building and will provide access to Harmer, Howard, STEM (Sheaf and EMB), and Owen buildings.
  • The corridor which connects Surrey and Owen buildings will be promoted as the most direct internal route between these buildings and adjoining spaces.

Alternative meeting spaces and catering outlets

The café in Cutting Edge will close on Friday 3 April and we have been working closely with stakeholders to provide alternative catering and meeting spaces during this time.

A new Coffee Pod will open at Hallam Central (Level 6, Owen Building) towards the end of April and we will be improving the catering facilities and seating area in the Hertha Ayrton (STEM) building. These in addition to improvements to some of our other café spaces, such as the Charles Street Deli, will provide additional outlets for people to use while the Atrium transformation takes place.

Catering offers at city campus

From Monday 6 April until the end of May, we will be offering discounted hot drinks for just £1.50 when paying with your SHUcard – available at the following outlets:

  • Charles Street Deli
  • Coffee Pod, Owen level 6
  • Head Post Office (HPO), level 0
  • Hertha Ayrton (STEM)

(please note: HPO and Pod are now cashless)

As part of the offer, a new loyalty card on the SHUcard app will enable you to collect 5 stamps and get a free drink (only redeemable at participating outlets). The standard loyalty card will still exist for all customers.

For everything food and drink on campus, please follow @tastehallam on twitter and for out of term opening times visit the website.

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