Jennifer-Jane Turner – Leg strengthening device – Discussion groups involving clinicians and patients to assess the clinical need and optimal design

“The small research award has enabled me to perform and manage crucial discussion groups to make sure that I have all the best information to move my project forward successfully. I would encourage any AHP with an idea for improving patient outcomes to apply for this competition and make it happen.”

Research Details


Mrs Jennifer-Jane Turner

Profession & current role

Physiotherapist working in private practice. Also, owner of new med tech company working to develop innovative rehabilitation devices.

Employer (at the time of the award)

Best You Can Be Physiotherapy

Title of study

Leg strengthening device – Discussion groups involving clinicians and patients to assess the clinical need and optimal design.

Amount awarded


Will this research influence your future research activity?

Yes, the discussion groups have been very successful, and they have enabled me to alter the design of the leg strengthening device to better suit the needs of clinicians and patients that will use it.

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Research Summary

The aim of the research / discussions was to question the group participants on their views and opinions of the new leg strengthening device and concept designs being shown and what they thought could be improved in its design and function before final development and manufacture. This was to make sure that there was a need for the device and that its design was optimal for use by therapists and to enable the best physical outcome for their patients.

I organised and managed 3 discussion groups. 2 involved clinicians from various backgrounds and a third group involved the Sheffield PPI group. I had support from the Therapy Lead at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to set up the groups and advice on catering and how to best manage the groups. In total there have been approximately 30 people involved in the participating in the group discussions. I used a Dictaphone to record the groups and have had these transcribed. The information received was very positive and is now being used to determine the final concept designs for manufacture.

One Year Update – November 2018

Impact of the research project upon the planned project

The research award enabled me to collect important views and opinions of clinicians and PPI regarding the concept for my device and its development.  It gave me confidence that the concept was sound, that people could see that it was needed and that people felt that it would be of benefit to patients.

Next steps for the work

The views of the focus group participants were crucial and had an impact on the design and direction of the development of the device.  We are now at the point of production of the final prototypes that will be ready for testing on patients in the New Year.  I am planning more research with Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to move the device towards production.

How this award has helped my research / career aspirations

This award enabled me to get much further on with my project.  It ensured that I accessed the information that is so valuable when developing something for use with patients and which will be helpful for my physiotherapy colleagues.  The research award and process of application and delivery of the focus groups has helped develop my research skills and has given me the confidence that I need to apply for further funding from NIHR i4i and for the planning of the required clinical trials.  Firstly, I am doing a pilot study with Sheffield Hallam University regarding the strength assessment tool and eventually planning for a full controlled trial with patients at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.