A ‘Dino-For’…

D – divine words of brilliance. So much to be learned from such an amazing range of people.

I – inspiration, insight, and intelligence. In each and every post.

N – no nonsense. Tells it how it is – whether others like it or not!

O – or, put another way, full of honesty, however hard it is to expose the truth.

S – so many posts, so many authors, so little time. But we need to make the time.

A – awesome reading. I love getting my notifications alerting me to a new post – little nuggets of gloriousness.

U – unparalleled levels of real experience to learn from. Real lives, real experiences, real learning.

R – Rhi, to whom this is dedicated. To her and all her fellow #actuallyautistic bloggers who tirelessly and selflessly write their thoughts down for others to learn from. The autistic voice is powerful indeed. I thank each and every one of you.

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