Senior Staff Grade (SSG)

Some of our current Professors share their career stories, details of the contribution they make and career progression advice.

External and Professional Engagement (E&PE)

Prof. Cristina Cerulli (Professor of Ethical Practice in Architecture and Urban Design)

Prof. Sital Dhillon OBE (Head of Department of Law and Criminology, Director of the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice)

Prof. Sally Jackson (Professor of Diversity and Inclusion)

Prof. Elizabeth Laycock (Professor in Stone Conservation)

Prof. Conor Moss (Professor of Work-Based Learning)

Prof. Sally Pearse (Professor of Early Childhood Education and Care)

Prof. Girish Ramchandani (Professor of Applied Sport Management)

Prof. Mayur Ranchordas (Professor of Applied Human Nutrition)

Prof. Toni Schwarz (Professor of Healthcare Education)

Prof. Sunita Toor (Professor of Human Rights and Gender Justice Practice)

Prof. Rob Wilson (Professor of Applied Sport Finance)

Teaching and Learning (T&L)

Prof. Liz Austen (Professor of Higher Education Evaluation)

Prof. David Smith (Professor of Bioscience Education)

Research and Innovation (R&I)

Prof. Madelynne Arden (Professor of Health Psychology, Director of Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology)

Prof. Christina Beatty (Professor of Applied Economic Geography)

Prof. Alice Bell (Professor of English Language and Literature)

Prof. Larissa Davies (Professor of Applied Sports Economics)

Prof. Chris Dayson (Professor of Voluntary Action, Health & Wellbeing)

Prof. Eleanor Formby (Professor of Sociology and Youth Studies)

Prof. Julia Hirst (Professor of Sociology)

Prof. Markos Klonizakis (Professor of Vascular and Clinical Physiology)

Prof. Lambros Lazuras (Professor of Social Psychology)

Prof. Anja Louis (Professor of Transnational Popular Culture)

Prof. Abigail Millings (Professor of Applied Social Psychology)

Prof. Charles Mundye (Professor of Modern Literature)

Prof. Heidi Probst (Professor of Radiotherapy and Oncology, Director of the Health Research Institute)

Prof. Anandi Ramamurthy (Professor of Media and Culture)

Prof. Alex Shenfield (Professor of Machine Learning)

Prof. Ian Wilson (Professor of Policy Research and Evaluation)