Peer Mentoring Scheme for Fellowship applicants (D1-3)

Following feedback from previous applicants, we have developed a mentoring option for those who would like to benefit from support, guidance and advice from colleagues who have already succeeded in obtaining recognition through the TALENT Advance HE Fellowship Scheme.  Mentoring is available for staff applying for Associate Fellow (D1) , Fellow (D2) and Senior Fellow (D3).

This support offer is optional and in no way affects the availability of the current support offer from the TALENT team.

For more details on how the scheme operates, please read the mentor scheme guide.

Please be aware and respect that although Mentors have undertaken training in supporting TALENT, they are doing this work in their own time.  Please do take the time, when you first make contact with your chosen mentor, to agree what kind of support you would like and what the limitations are, including when might be the best times to engage.

You may select and make contact any available mentor and can choose to meet someone close to your own discipline or select someone who might have a wholly different set of practice and experience to draw on.

Please do not put your mentor in the difficult position of giving an opinion on whether you are likely to pass or not.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this scheme, we will ask you to complete an evaluation form once you have submitted your fellowship application and we will record details of the type and volume of support provided by your mentor. This information will not be used in the reviewing of your submission.

If you are interested in mentor support, please email for details of our current mentors.