It’s starting to get a little spooky around SHU. After the sun got covered by the sandstorm last week, we’re definitely in the mood for Halloween!

No matter what you’re dressing up as this year (we hope you shopped around for your outfit!) we’ve got the perfect bit of fun for you.


On Tuesday 31st October from 11-2 we’ll be hanging around the entrance to Owen Building, giving you all the treats (and tricks!) we can.

We’ll have a spider’s web and blindfolds ready to test your coordination and balance and give you the chance to WIN BIG.

More details about prizes to follow in next week’s Money Mondays, but for now, check out our terrifying top tips for Halloween:


1) Save big by making your own punch

The bar queue around Halloween can sometimes be scarier than the costumes, so to save money, why not have a big night in by buying some cheap and cheerful ingredients for a petrifying punch?

2) Don’t be afraid to bin-bag it up!

Some of the spookiest costumes are made from household goods – a bin-bag cape if you’re Dracula, a toilet brush sword if you’re a pirate – the list is endless (but we could only think of two examples) – use your imagination!

3) Keep safe

There are some serious ghouls out there – don’t be caught out – make sure you keep your handy purse protector with you to stop any ghostly spending that you can’t see until the following morning. If you don’t have one, get in touch!