The Conference LearningWheel: Collating contextualised digital resources and capturing a space and time for educators, students and practitioners

Deborah Kellsey@DebKellsey
University of Central Lancashire
Amanda Taylor@AMLTaylor66
University Central Lancashire

The Conference LearningWheel workshop is offered as opportunity to demonstrate to delegates how technologies can maximise the impact of a conference space.  Furthermore, it will provide a context in which delegates can proactively engage in the generating of conference content and a time for them to consider how the collated content  can shape and influence practice in contemporary educational settings.

It will outline the need for the profession of education to consider the educational landscape in this the digital age and to ponder what non-engagement with technologies by educators might mean for learners in relation to employability and the vision of us all as connected citizens. It will offer some insight into the way in which the professions more broadly are being influenced by the digital shift and make reference to the work of Susskind and Susskind (2015) that forecasts the decline of the professions.

It is an exciting as well as daunting time that we as educators are experiencing, but conversely one in which we can mould positively through creative and connected collaboration.  It is with in mind that we present the Conference LearningWheel.


Susskind, R.E. and Susskind, D. (2015) The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts. Oxford: Open University Press.